Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Bird Rights Hearing is Over; Decision Still to Come

The Bird Rights have been heard! Or... the Bird Rights hearing has been heard! Either way, earlier this afternoon the hearing for Jeremy Lin's and Steve Novak's Bird Rights finished and now we wait. Wait until an arbitrator decides whether a player's Bird Rights should be restored when they've been picked up off waivers, as opposed to traded or signed as a free agent.

The decision will ultimately decide whether the Knicks can put together a great, deep team this offseason, or if they'll be hindered with only the mid-level exception and biannual exception to rebuild a currently shallow team.

Take the jump for some sources of the hearing today

Some sources:

Howard Beck:
The Jeremy Lin/Steve Novak/Bird rights arbitration hearing was held today in NYC. Lasted 3 1/2 hrs. Decision due by July 1.
July 1?!?! We don't have that much time! Fear not...

Al Iannazzone:
The Lin-Novak hearing is over, a source said. A decision is expected soon, as david stern said yesterday. Not expecting it today.
Steve Novak (who attended the hearing)!
I can't thank Jeffrey Kessler and @TheNBPA enough for all the work they have put into this Birds Rights case. A decision in about 2 weeks.

So, it's a little unclear as to when we'll hear. I suppose that's a good thing; perhaps the arbitrator has a lot to think about and consider, meaning the NBPA made a compelling case. And hey, if that arbitrator isn't cuttin' it, I'll take his spot! I assure you, the Knicks and their fans would be happy with my decision!

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