Monday, June 4, 2012

Here's What They're Saying

'Tis a rainy afternoon on the East, or at least where I make camp, so why not share some links regarding our Knicks. It hasn't been terribly exciting lately, but there's been the usual offseason type of things - trade rumors, draft prospects, free agency ideas, etc. I've rounded up some links for all of ya'll because I am The Giver.

Take the jump for them!

- Hey, Amar'e Stoudemire got engaged! Very cool! Congrats, Amar'e! Or should I say Amor'e, you romantic thing, you?!

 - From William Leitch, the Knicks have been oddly responsible lately, and it's weird, especially regarding the whole head coach thing. I've pondered the same thing in recent weeks. However, Leitch links it to Carmelo Anthony's power within the organization, which is not an idea I totally agree with, but it's conceivable.

 - Though sort of typical of the New York Post, David Stern is pushing for a true New York Knicks-Brooklyn Nets rivalry.

 - Al Iannazzone with today's workouts. Chris Smith, he noted, is J.R. Smith's younger brother. This year's draft has some very interesting names. Like, literally, interesting names.

 - The Knicks li'l European bro, Giorgios Printezis, sounds like he wants to stay in Greece. The article is in Greek, so you'll need to find a translator online. I've done part of it for you:
The Greek is good, the team winning, good. Zeus. The team had a successful season, fighting to win, avoid defeat. Hades. New day tomorrow, future in the sky, like Apollo. I hate the NBA and the Knicks, never going there! Greece. Poseidon.
 - Jeremy Lin, enjoying some vacation time, caught (and released) a marlin. He's also working on that summer tan! It's beach season, Jeremy! More importantly, Jeremy's knee is all healthy!

 - Lastly, here are some things I wrote on Buckets Over Broadway, because I shamelessly self-promote myself: One on who Knicks fans should root for in the Eastern Conference Finals, and another on how/if Raymond Felton could fit with this Knicks team if he were available during free agency.

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