Friday, June 22, 2012

Jeremy Lin, Steve Novak Granted Early Bird Rights

Just now, on Twitter, to my eyes' astonishment, came this tweet and article from Howard Beck:
BREAKING: Aribtrator sides with NBPA, grants early-Bird rights to Jeremy Lin, Steve Novak. Huge news for Knicks.
Wow! This is obviously huge news for the Knicks, who can now re-sign Jeremy Lin and Steve Novak without dipping into their Mid-level or Biannual Exceptions.

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Lin and Novak are both bros that have expressed interest in staying in New York, but as per usual, athletes are required to state, "it is a business", and they both did. Now that money will not be a deterrent, the Knicks have a much greater chance of re-signing the both of them.

Of course, this also means that with the MLE, the Knicks have about $5 million to sign another player (perhaps another point guard, or a back-up big), and their biannual exception (just under $2 mil) can lure a veteran seeking a slightly bigger and longer pay day than the veteran's minimum.

My guess is that J.R. Smith will now opt out in hopes of receiving a bigger pay day than his $2.5 million option. I like J.R., Knicks, but please don't spend the entire MLE on him, if this comes to fruition.

Anyway, huge, huge, great news for the Knicks! Thanks to Howard Beck for breaking the story, thanks to Kenneth Dam, the arbitrator for ruling in favor of the NBA Players Union, and thanks to the NBPA for filing the suit! WOOO HOOOO!!!

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