Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What Linsanity Really Meant

If you're reading this, you probably know that Jeremy Lin is now a member of the Houston Rockets. Last night, the Knicks decided not to match Lin's three-year/$25.1 million offer sheet, and they let him walk away. Perhaps it was because of the huge financial burdens the $15 million third year of his contract would put on the Knicks; perhaps it was because the Knicks were insulted that Lin supposedly re-negotiated with the Rockets to get a larger contract after the Knicks said they'd match it. I don't know. And I'm not attempting to debate it.

After a mere 26 games, about five months of time, Linsanity - the meteoric rise of a 23-year old, undrafted, Harvard graduate, Asian-American that captured the sporting world and even made its way into the lives of ordinary, non-basketball-loving citizens - is over in New York City.

It wasn't very long. Really, if almost any other player was let loose to a new team after only 26 games, we wouldn't care very much. Not this much.

So, why am I so damn sad that Jeremy Lin is gone?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Free Agency is Buzzin'!

First off: Happy 4th of July, everyone! Hope you're all having splendid days, consuming calories, drinking liquids, and blowing things up!

Free agency has been alive and well and chaotic. I haven't updated here at all, but there's lots going on, particularly with our Knicks. If you would like some updates, take the jump, and we can get all up to speed with what's going on!